empoderamiento femenino


The examples of the stories are few compared to everything that I have experienced as a victim of machismo and other women, generally because of the little social support for the real value of women, I want to start this blog by saying that I have been a sexist victim on the part of men and women, yes of women, because today many women continue to criticize or have prejudices about what a woman should and should not do.

Empowering yourself as a woman is realizing that there are situations that have made you feel bad, situations that have left you vulnerable or disadvantaged in front of others only because of old social prejudices that continue to be repeated today. Many times it happens repeatedly if we are in a toxic relationship with our partner, boss, father or others and getting out of this situation is even more difficult, but we have to be aware that whenever we allow behaviors towards ourselves that make us feel bad, it is because we have self-esteem problems that we must solve.

In the event that you have suffered physical violence, it is not only about recovering your self-esteem but about reporting the person who does it, because it is not and will never be your fault that another person acts with force towards you. It is not your fault a violation, it is not your fault any type of physical and psychological abuse that you receive, even if you have self-esteem problems accepting this, that person is mentally ill and has worse problems than you. Even if you leave that relationship, you should know that that person will continue to be a danger to society and you owe yourself and the world TO REPORT IT.

If you do not suffer nor have you suffered from physical violence, but you do suffer from “micro-chauvinisms” in any of your social environments, here is the way to deal with them, at least the ones I have chosen to do:

1. WORK: I have suffered from contempt for having positions of value and jumping in the command line, I denounced it to my direct boss and this person has taken charge of the “partner” who has passed from me. If you think that your direct boss will not support you, or your case is more serious because it is about harassment, YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH HR, they will have to address the matter because you have to go to your work calmly, no worker will be productive if they are feels “invalid” or “threatened”.
2. IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP: If your partner usually makes macho comments about your clothing, controlling what you do and who you hang out with, he tells you that you are a prostitute when you ignore him, clearly that person does not love you, he only uses you and for that the best thing is that you flee from him because he will not change, even if you have hopes. I have been with a person who was that macho and I felt the freest woman in the world when I left him, I know that they manipulate you and it is difficult to take the step, especially because of the phrase “if you leave me you will show the world what I say, that you are anybody and you want to live doing what you want ”.

YES, LIVING DOING WHAT YOU WANT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, IT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO, you were not born accompanied and nobody owns you, as long as you do what you want without disrespecting anyone, your partner does not have to control you .

Love is free, and you will have a healthy relationship when you can be free with someone, that both fulfill their dreams and have their way and only decide to support each other without going beyond that, to be support for your partner. In addition to the fact that your partner must accept how you are, if you like the party you are not just anybody for that, if you like short dresses either, you decide what you want to be, do and wear and someone will accept you as you are.

3. IN YOUR FAMILY: This is the most complicated, I would say, because of the respect we owe to the elderly in our family, however, without a family member it makes you feel uncomfortable because of their comments or insinuations, you must be clear and concise in telling them that you don’t like it and that you don’t allow those behaviors towards you, neither from that person nor from anyone else. If, on the other hand, your family expects you to behave “as society approves” according to them and you don’t like it, you should explain to them that you have the priority of being happy and that you expect them to support you in that.
4. IN YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: your friends can get to criticize a lot, you can talk about the term “SORIDAD” and tell them that among women we should support each other and not criticize each other, that each one is free to do whatever they want and that if it were a man I would probably not question that behavior, which is good to analyze that.

At the time of the Second World War, the NAZIS used to tell on TV what a good wife should do and they determined the good behavior of a woman. The women had to live to keep the home clean, the food in the table and they had to always look perfect (or rather, as they wanted). The war is over, generations have passed and we no longer think that way, but older generations are now in positions of authority or are older relatives of yours, let’s be honest and don’t let this continue, they see that they are the ones with the problem and Above all, LET’S GET LOUD.

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