Sustainable Gifts Christmas 2020

Sustainable Gifts Christmas 2020, Sustainable or ecological gifts are the trend this year for Christmas and Kings, despite the fact that the pandemic has been a disgrace for many families, it has also been a great opportunity to accept that it is time to improve our daily habits and help the planet .

It is proven that the generation of Millennials and Generation Z have deep concern for the environment and this involves people who today are between 18 and 35 years old. Generations X and baby boomers “parents” adapt to these gift giving trends to please those who care about the planet. Sustainable brands have existed for a long time, but it is now that we give the impulse to make attractive products with avant-garde design with biodegradable or recycled materials, adapted to the love for design and art of today’s society.

Yoga is a sport and lifestyle discipline that in Spain increases its practitioners 2.5% every year (according to the European Health & Fitness Market 2019), taking into account that the current Spanish population that already practices Yoga and Pilates is 12% of the population. Pilates and Fitness at home have also had a significant boom given the long periods of quarantine we have had this year. Interest in maintaining a harmonious home has also increased, given that we now spend a lot of time in it and want to conserve positive energies. People want one-of-a-kind gifts, gifts from local producers and brands that go above and beyond to exploit their templates to get a good margin.

Taking into account the circumstances we live in and data on shopping trends this year, we recommend the following items for Christmas shopping:

  • Home Energetic Cleaning Kit: (22.10 Euros) Palo santo, Sage, Crystal Quartz and Amethyst. It is a set that will provide peace at home to those who want to make a gift and very original, as well as economical.
  • Travel Mat: (49 Euros) It is a MUST! Almost no one who practices sports has a travel mat, they are very thin and useful to reach any corner since they weigh only 1 kg. It is the option to do sports outdoors or put on top of the yoga mat of your gym or center and avoid contagion of COVID.
  • Yoga Mat Bag: (55 euros) We have a 100% sustainable option, the design is from the world, They are made in Barcelona and organic cotton. It is a very comfortable option to transport the mat and protect it.
  • Premium Yoga Mat: (84.70 Euros) If you know that your loved one loves yoga and has a low quality mat, you can give him a GIFT (a PREMIUM mat with his name on it), we have the option to put the name to the mats.
  • Amethyst Druse: (The euros depend on the weight) No matter how old the person to whom you are giving is, a rough amethyst is the most special gift you can make. Besides giving a touch of luxury to any place, it is a natural tranquilizer that helps to block negative environmental energies. When meditating, it helps you take your thoughts away from the mundane, promoting the assimilation of new ideas.
  • Japa Mala to meditate: (37 Euros) We have 3 totally mineral japa mala at very affordable prices. It depends on the colors and energies that the person you want to give them is looking for, you can choose one. It is used to recite 108 mantras in your daily meditation.

If you want to combine gifts, remember to go to our PACKS AND GIFTS section, you can find combinations of products with discounts or with GIFT CARDS you can make sure that the person you love will choose something that they love.

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