Petite Sweet Dreams Kit

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Sweet Dreams Kit, special pack for bedrooms, ideal to place on the headboard or on the bedside table. Surrounding ourselves with harmony in our environment produces inner harmony, and this is our most personal selection of crystals, to connect with our home and with our own inner nature. NO MORE NIGHTMARES!

This pack includes: Pointed Rose Quartz and a rounded Amethyst.

Rose Quartz: In the couple’s bedroom, Rose Quartz represents the warmth, security, stability and strength of relationships. For children’s bedrooms, Rose Quartz is indicated for sweet nights. the energy is more serene and loving.

Small Amethyst: Balances not only our inner energy but any room. It brings spiritual balance, harmony and a feeling of peace.

Both Stones are used as natural painkillers and shield from negative energies.

This Kit comes equipped with protection for the shipment of minerals and an ecological cotton bag made in Spain.




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