Japa Mala – Turquoise

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Turquoise Mala – Pendant to recite mantras created with 108 8mm turquoise, When you meditate with this stone you can see how your key points and the chakras align to let through the best energy it has for you, how it also feeds on your positivism . Turquoise is excellent for the heart, to attract love, maintain relationships and heal the ailments of broken hearts.

If you are not clear about the path you want to take in your life or you feel insecure about starting a new stage, turquoise are excellent companions and make each step you take not feel as if you are jumping into the well and that you will not be able to get out. It does the same effect as when they give you a smile in the day, it is that vital energy that you need to move forward and fulfill all your projects.

The crystal quartz mala also has 2 guide buddhas to indicate that you are in the middle of your mantra path, this collection of mala is unique because it is based on necklaces that only house pure minerals and therefore the energy does not dissipate with other materials .

The amethyst Japa Malas are sent in organic cotton bags made in Spain (Alicante), stamped with our logo in Barcelona.

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