Gems for Capricorn

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Gems for Capricorn

This kit is composed of 3 gems to expand the power of capricorn and healing.

The onyx: it is considered the talisman of the Capricorns because it is a stone destined to balance the character and the emotions, favoring the self-control and the correct decision making. It is also a gem that provides strength of character and is beneficial to detonate the most positive aspects of the character of this sign.

Red Jasper: The Capricorns find it difficult to get out of their shell. They can be confused with serious and even somewhat pessimistic people. Red jasper reminds them that their energy can be handled in many ways, that security and trust is found in them, not in others.

To be true to oneself, one must look within, discovering what makes us feel whole. And once discovered, put our attention and focus on them. Jasper provides that courage, energy and strength to achieve our goals, a stone that undoubtedly enhances the qualities of the Capricorn in terms of their goals and path.

Rose Quartz: The quartz is the gem of healing power that Carpicorn needs, in this case we wanted to select the pink to enhance the affectionate relationships of Capricorn with their environment, the Capricorn does not know many times to express their feelings and with this gem we can help you feel confident without feeling that you lose vulnerability by connecting with others.

It comes in an organic cotton bag made in Spain.





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