Energy Cleaning – Cleaning Kit for Home Energies

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The cleaning kit includes: A bundle of natural Sage (purifier, cleanser), a stick of Palo Santo (balancing, expels bad energies), a roll of Amethyst and Crystal Quartz (natural cleansers). The kit is presented in a printed organic cotton bag made in Spain.

Palo Santo for home: The sacred wood of the palo santo should be used as incense. In this way, the smoke that it emits helps to purify your home of the bad vibes that may be in it, either by previous tenants, by people who pollute with their energy or even by your own problems, which are usually trapped in the atmosphere .

Sage: Sage has the power to deepen our spiritual connection. This in fact can be scientifically proven because sage contains thujone, a slightly psychoactive substance that increases our intuition. The smoke produced by burning sage purifies and cleanses bad energies. Traditionally, sage smoke has been used to improve moods, reduce stress and prevent depression. It also has a very cozy and warm aroma.

Among the different cleaning methods are the rituals of Air. And in fact, they are the most suitable for our most delicate Gems, and for our Malas and bracelets. Also to purify and clean our home and work spaces, as well as about ourselves.

A cleaning ritual with air will allow us to perform that “reset” that we need of all the energy that we bring outside the home and accumulate, or of the energy that the house already housed if you have just moved.




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