Japa Mala – Crystal Quartz

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Crystal Quartz Mala – Pendant to recite mantras created with 108 8mm crystal quartz gems, Quartz helps to cleanse accumulated emotional waste, helping the body to restore balance and heal itself on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level . In addition to preventing diseases, when they have manifested themselves, quartz crystal therapy, whatever the cause or effect, helps us to rebalance the energy centers that are in disharmony and help to restore the lost order.

Es mala de quartz cristal is an effective complement to traditional medicine because it helps to unblock the emotional barriers that send negative messages to the cellular system and prevent making the necessary adjustments or changes to improve the necessary thoughts, feelings and emotions. Quartz crystals are capable of absorbing the negative energy that is given off from different chemical treatments, helping cell regeneration.

The crystal quartz mala also has 2 guide buddhas to indicate that you are in the middle of your mantra path, this collection of mala is unique because it is based on necklaces that only house pure minerals and therefore the energy does not dissipate with other materials .

The amethyst Japa Malas are sent in organic cotton bags made in Spain (Alicante), stamped with our logo in Barcelona.


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