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AMETHYST DRUSE (1kg-1,100kg)

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Selection of AMETHYST DRUSE (1kg-1,100kg) 聽All are unique pieces.
Powerful and protective. It brings spiritual balance, harmony and a feeling of peace. Activate the Third Eye Chakra.

It is the Tao of gems. It balances not only our inner energy but any room, and as a complement it is perfect for other minerals. Ideal in hallways but also in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. It is a gem of water and fire. It brings spiritual balance, harmony and a feeling of peace. Amethyst, in its Lavender variety, has a particularly high vibration. Stimulates and calms the chakras, and brings light and love to the environment.

In the rows of crystals with metaphysical properties, there is none as famous as amethyst. One of the few stones with a unique purple coloration, quartz form that contains iron and other minerals in its structure. Like Fluorite, the properties of the amethyst stone stand out for being a meditative and relaxing stone that works on the emotional, spiritual and physical planes with which you will achieve calm and peace.

Our amethysts are authentic imported from producing countries, currently all are of Uruguayan origin.

Ships in ornate recycled cardboard box.

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