7 Mineral Chakras – Meditation and Home Kit

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7 Mineral Chakras, known by the name “the key of life”, are energy points of our body that, interconnected with each other, provide our body-mind balance and the flow of prana or energy.

By wearing and using our Chakra stones we unite the energetic properties of natural stones with the energy points of our body, and we take advantage of the energy channeling capacity to help unblock the chakras.

They are related to seven Gems: The Root is red and its Gem the red Jasper or Garnet. The sacrum is orange, and represents the orange Aventurine, Carnelian or orange Agate. The Solar Plexus is yellow and its stone is yellow Calcite, Citrine or yellow Jasper. The Heart is green, associated with Green Aventurine, Emerald or Rose Quartz. The Throat is blue, and its Gem the Sodalite, Turquoise or Blue Quartz. The Third Eye is violet and its Gem the Amethyst. And the Corona is white, paired with the Crystal Quartz.

7 Mineral Chakras and their meaning:

  • Crystal Quartz: The natural energy of Quartz is harmony. Increases spiritual wisdom and knowledge, as well as clarity of thought. Open and activate the Crown Chakra.
  • Amethyst: Very powerful stone. It brings spiritual balance, harmony and a feeling of peace. It is considered to have strong healing power and to promote confidence and inspiration. Open and activate the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Blue onyx: attracts love and family happiness to a person’s life.
  • Green onyx: A green gem, especially emerald or light green onyx, will keep feelings and mutual respect in the family for life. If you are looking to open your heart and have a more important sentimental impact, we can change this stone for rose quartz edges.
  • Yellow Calcite, Yellow Jasper: Creative stone, associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and with prosperity.
  • Carnelian: Protects the wearer from all forms of negativity. Restores vitality and motivation, and aids in making successful decisions. Open and activate the Sacral Chakra.
  • Red Jasper: It is believed that the first stone laid to build Jerusalem was Red Jasper. It acts on the first chakra, which roots us to the earth. Provides courage, energy and strength to achieve our goals.

As you will see in the photo, the pebbles have different sizes due to the properties of each mineral, since we only use authentic stones, we cannot offer all stones of the same size but we make an effort to approximate it as much as possible.







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