Marianella Castillo, for her own account or for a third party contracted to provide measurement services, can UseCookies when the user browses the website. Cookies are files that are sent to the browser through a web service to record user activities during the browsing time.

The cookies used are only associated with an anonymous user and her computer, and do not provide the user’s personal data by themselves.

Why are cookies used on this website?

Cookies are an essential part whose main objective is to improve your browsing experience. The information collected in cookies also makes it possible to improve the portal by estimating numbers and usage patterns, adapting them to the individual interests of users, speeding up searches, etc. After your prior informed consent, you can use cookies, labels or other similar elements to obtain information that allows you to display advertising based on the analysis of your browsing habits.

What are the ways in which we use cookies used on this website?

Cookies do not store confidential personally identifiable information such as addresses, passwords, credit or debit card details, etc.

Through the use of cookies, the server where the website is located may recognize the browser used by the user to facilitate navigation. They are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, control the process and the number of entries.

The user has the possibility to configure their browser to be notified of the reception of cookies and to avoid installing it on their computer.

Types of cookies

  • Strictly necessary cookies: For the correct use of the web, it allows access to sections that have security filters. Without these cookies, many of the available services will not be operational.
  • Navigation cookies: They collect information about the use that views make of the web, for example page views or loading errors. It is generic and anonymous information, where personal data is not included, nor information that identifies the visitor is collected, the ultimate objective being to improve the operation of the Web. By visiting the portal you accept the installation of these cookies on your device.
  • Functional cookies: They allow you to remember more personal information and characteristics. For example, the ability to offer personalized content based on the information and criteria that you have voluntarily provided. These cookies can also be used to remember the changes made in the text size, fonts and other customizable parts of the web, they are also used to offer some requested services, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information collected by these cookies may be anonymous and their activity cannot be followed on other websites. By visiting the portal you accept the installation of these cookies on your device.

How can I avoid the use of cookies on this website?

If you prefer to avoid the use of cookies on this page, taking into account the above limitations, you must first disable the use of cookies in your browser and, secondly, delete the stored cookies associated with this website. This possibility of avoiding the use of cookies can be made by you at any time.

How can I deactivate and eliminate the use of cookies?

In order to restrict, block or delete cookies from this website, you can do so, at any time, by modifying your browser settings in accordance with the guidelines indicated below. Although the parameterization of each browser is different, it is common for the cookie settings, it is done in the “preferences” or “tools” menu. For more details on cookie settings in your browser, see the “help” menu.

For more information on cookies and how they work, you can visit the following link:

The use of the website is not necessary for the user to allow the installation of cookies sent to the website, or the third party acting on their behalf, without prejudice to the need for the user to start said session in each of the services. whose performance requires PRI or registration.

In any case, cookies are temporary in nature with the sole purpose of making their subsequent transmission more efficient. Under no circumstances will cookies be used to collect personal information.

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