Premium Yoga Mats

Premium yoga mats offer you the possibility to carry a light mat with perfect thinness (3 mm), it comes with a mat strap and is the yoga and Pilates teacher’s favorite option! Its suede surface will allow you to make transitions softly and at the same time it will give you anti slip effect when needed. If you are practicing dynamic routines or bikram (this is your best option) your sweat will be absorbed by the mat as a towel on top of the mat.

Premium Caraibi mats are all designed in Barcelona by Judith Marqués (Girona designer), and they are all pieces of art with incredible definition coming form nature. Yes, Nature! The mats are made with natural rubber and suede fabric printed in non-toxic inks (water based).

Life is too short to carry a heavy mat and slip during your practice girl! Shop a Premium Mat and #LiveWithSoul.