Natura Grip Non-slip Yoga Mats

The Natura Grip mats are the most non-slip, they have an incredible grip and allow anyone to do the adho mukha or downward facing dog without suffering (100% Guaranteed). It also has the advantage of its 4 mm thickness so that your knees, wrists or head do not bother you when they are points of support in an asana held for 5 breaths.

These mats are part of the only collection in all of Europe of non-slip PU printed on works of art, all the mats that have these materials are unicolor, and we have managed to maintain our artistic DNA in this non-slip surface.

The designs can give us a fresh or calm natural feeling, we carefully select the female artists to give you a unique and motivating experience in each yoga practice, they are the best quality-price mats that we have in our entire store!